Paw passengers – by car, plane, boat

Traveling by car is certainly the easiest because you just need to get in the vehicle and get going. To make the trip as comfortable as possible, given the weather conditions, take into account the part of the day that Paw spends in the vehicle. A European passport for pets (if necessary, other documents) should be at hand all the way to the destination, as well as a confirmation of the reservation for the pet.

Regulations related to travel with pets and other animals within the EU

The European passport for pets is issued only for dogs, cats and ferrets. Traveling with your dog, cat or ferret to another EU country (in this case 27 EU Member States and Norway) is easy thanks to EU regulations. These regulations also cover travel to the EU from a country or area outside the EU. EU regulations on travel with pets apply to private travel with pets that does not involve a change of ownership or sale.
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