Everything for your Paw - from choosing a destination to Woof Woof vacation! I don't care- I have Paw & Paw!


WANT TO BECOME A PAW & PAW PLATFORM PARTNER?Do you want to be a part of the Paw & Paw story?

We are pleased that you have shown interest in joining the Paw & Paw family in which the Paws of your guests are treated as equals and the desire to get involved in a real "pet -friendly" initiative.
The Paw & Paw platform was created out of a huge love for pets and the need for free time, especially on trips, for owners and their Paws to spend as a family - together, actively, and comfortably.
Listening, on the one hand, to the needs of pet owners, and on the other to managers and owners of accommodation units throughout the Adriatic coast and the rest of Croatia, we found a way to a joint, pleasant, and active vacation of owners and their pets can become more than a "mission possible".
No matter what you do, if you see your place in the Paw & Paw story- contact us at info@paw-paw.net- we process each inquiry individually.

PAW & PAW AND PARTNERSDo you want to be a part of the Paw & Paw story?

Contact us directly with an offer of your products and services at info@paw-paw.net and we will contact you - we process each inquiry individually!

    Type of accommodation

    Does your facility provide accommodation for guests with pets?

    Does your facility restrict pet accommodation in terms of breed and size?

    Are there any restrictions in your facility for guests staying with pets?

    Do guests share common areas with pets with other guests?

    Can your accommodation unit provide a separate (fenced) outdoor area where pets can stay (play) in the presence of the owner?

    If your answer to the above question is yes, and you do not have such content, are you interested in equipping a dog corner?

    Are you interested in exclusive cooperation with the Paw & Paw platform by accepting the organization of a complete offer for guests with pets?


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