Looking after your dog

if you want to visit places where dogs are not allowed


Responsibly and with a lot of love for Paws

A common thing to our dog sitters and walkers is huge love for pets and skill for dealing with them. With information about the nature, preferences and habits of your family Paw, we will do our best that Paw has a safe and fun environment. And to be as less lonely without you as possible.


For Paw's not to be alone

Dog walking and dog sitting services are available through the Paw & Paw platform on request at selected locations, at least 24 hours in advance, due to high demand.


Write to us ...

To make Paw feel as comfortable as possible, let us know everything we need to know by sending a message to info@paw-paw.net.

Your Paw is NO 1 to us too!

Dear Paw, no matter how hard we try to find places where you can stay with your people, there are still places and activities intended only for people. But don’t worry – hire a personal dog sitter or dog  walker , and the problem is solved!

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